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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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What sets Dance Teacher Web apart?

Product Cost Routines/Teaching Videos Instructors New Content Articles
Dance Teacher Web $39.95 to $99.95 600+ 35+ Yes-Monthly Yes-Monthly
DVDs with routines $39 to $60 3 or 4 1 No No
Training Videos $100's 25 to 50 3 or 4 No No
Courses/Seminars $400 and up 40 to 60 12 to 15 No No
Certification Programs $700 and up 50 to 70 6 to 10 Yes No
  • Jump Tour
  • Capezio
  • Back Drops Fantastic
  • International Dance Supplies
  • Costume Gallery
  • Stagestep Flooring Solutions
  • Access Broadway
  • Dance Informa
  • Adrenaline Dance
  • Mode Dion
  • Royal Academy of Dance

Q. What amount of money will be donated to the BCRF?

A. 100% of the profits go to the BCRF

Q. Can I have anyone be a part of my video?

A. Yes! We encourage you to invite students, parents and faculty to get involved.

Q. Do I have to be a member of Dance Teacher Web?

A. Yes, but we are offering a Free Basic Membership so you can participate at no cost to you.

Q. How long can the video be?

A. That is up to you. Keep in mind that if your video is too long people may not watch the entire piece.

Q. Does the video need to be professionally done?

A. No, as the matter of fact we encourage you to get out of the studio and maybe consider filming somewhere else in your community

Q. Can any level student participate and who can create the choreography?

A. Any level student, parent or faculty member can participate. Choreography can be done by anyone you choose including your students

Q. Can my pictures be candid or do they need to be a pose?

A. Anything you think would be fun and convey a strong message

Q. If I have a question how can I contact you?

A. You can email us at with the subject BCRF Question